Month: July 2013

New Blogger

How did I get stuck with 50 Yr. Old Kid as my User Name or my “Handle”?

After my first two attempts at trying to be original with Mom on the Loose or Colleen Creates, it just popped into my head that I’m still a kid, but I’m also going to be 50 soon so might as well put the two together. An oxymoron I think, just like my life. Creative, but not really. Obviously I can’t come up with not one, but two original ideas. Maybe I should have called myself 50 Yr. Old Oxymoron?

Wait till my daughter finds out that Wunderlust is not original. Well at least I didn’t get either one tatooed on my foot.

So it seems I’m stuck with 50 Yr. Old Kid (FOREVER).


Weekly Photo Challenge Companionable

My Companion, the one who puts up with whatever we throw at him. (I mean the kids throw at him)

The price we have to pay for this generosity of spirit – listen to him bark at everyone that dares to enters “his” domain.