Never freeze soup in a Mason Jar

At 4:00am this morning I thought my house was breaking in half, but it turns out that the large bang I heard was just a frost quake in the ground.

Learning science first hand can sometimes be a little dangerous I discovered on this cold January morning in Canada.

Feeling quite content siting beside the fire and catching up on the morning news my tummy started to rumble so I headed for the kitchen to whip up some eggs.

Previously I had made some homemade vegetable beef soup and saved the extras in two large mason jars to take to my elderly parents.I was so proud of my soup as I had used leftover roast beef from our Christmas Dinner.

In preparation for my visit, I took the soup out of the freezer and put it in the fridge the night before hoping to thaw it out slowly. While turns out the liquid expanded as it froze beyond my best estimation and unbeknownst to me my soup was just a ticking time bomb.

I headed toward the fridge looking for some ketchup to lather on my eggs. As I picked up the soup to move it out of the way while I reached in with the other hand to grab the ketchup all while holding the door open with my hip, the glass fell away from my mason jar lid with pcs flying all over the floor and one teeny tiny sharp pc falling down my leg slicing into my warm fuzzy P.J.’s. I stood frozen holding a rock sold bloob of soup while wondering what to do with my leg.

I could feel the pain, but couldn’t see anything when I looked down, except glass everywhere and then finally the frozen blob let go and then a soupy mess in my fridge. Thank goodness I decided to throw on my daughters warm fuzzy P.J. pants the night before.

After cleaning and vacuuming the kitchen this morning I was able to eat my glass free cold eggs with ketchup.

So the moral of this story is that I now understand what a frost quake is, and as far as freezing soup goes, it looks like I’m going to have to break down and buy those frozen storage containers from Costco despite my New Years resolution of trying to save money.

Happy January Everyone, and remember, never freeze soup in a Mason Jar!



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