Snowy Owled People

How big should a snowy owl really be?

When looking at a recent wildlife painting, I commented on how out of proportion my friend had made his owl in relation to the fence post it was sitting on. 

Well a couple of weeks later someone at work posted a picture of a snowy owl sitting on a Hydro pole. so I printed it off and thought, that would be a neat picture to to try and paint. But now I’m having second thoughts. I’m afraid someone might comment on my owl.

When I look at the picture I printed off, the owl is dare I say ,frigging huge. Even if I grafted it off like we used to do in school and drew it the exact same way, it would still be huge.

Despite this dilemma I’m going to risk the criticism of people like me and go for it. It won’t hurt so much that people comment on my owl as it would if someone commented on my blog. I guess that’s why it’s so hard to get started, not because we can’t do something , but because we fear we won’t do it the way we want people to view it.

Once I can get over this hurdle of criticism, I can move on with confidence. maybe that’s why artitst come off with this air of aloofness or superiority. Its just a need to block out those big snowy Owled people.

So as we like to say at work ” moving forward” I will blog away with confidence and believe that what I see is what’s important. 



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