A Sacred Space of my own

I just came back from seeing a massage therapist that works from her home. Once inside the french doors covered in material which seemed to be a former dinning room back in the day, I learned over to place my clothes on the antique chair. To the left of me I noticed some angel figurines and some other ornaments on a shelf.  Across the room on an old buffet was an Eagles feather & then three different sized drums on the floor nestled under the window.

I looked around the room at her collection , I was curious, does she come in here and play the bongo drums? ,Where does she sit and pound away on them with those fancy sticks? On the massage table ? Gazing around and taking all these artifacts in  I realized that all these things are special to her, and then it dawned on me, this is her sacred space.

As I drove home feeling on top of the world (I’ll remember that phrase for another blog ) , I realized I needed to create a scared space in my house. How would my daughter who was away at school create her scared space as well I thought? Well maybe she could dedicate a small portion of her shelf where her flameless candle was, or better yet create one when she takes a bath. But then I remembered, she hates her bathroom, she always complains how her room mates never clean it.

Either way, I think one of my New Years goals is going to be to sit in my scared space at least once a week. Once I create it that is.

I used to think that sitting on the couch eating white cheddar popcorn while watching my favorite TV shows was my scared space , but now I realize it’s a place to be quite, alone and in my body not my mind. (This is how to stay grounded apparently) I know this as I was told I spend too much time in my head and had to have massive cranial work done to massage it all out.

I can’t wait for January to be over, My resolutions are starting to pile up. Sitting around doing nothing sounds like a lot of hard work to me.


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