Today’s challenge is about our About Page. I recently just found out what this was and proceeded to write a lot of crap about myself on this 1 page. Mostly what I’ve done for work, and the hobbies I have, or have tried.

After reading a little bit about the challenge today and learning what makes a good About Page, I realized that all those things I wrote are not really who I am. Those are things that I do or have done, But not WHO I AM.

So let me just revamp that a little and explain. This is who I REALLY am.

I’m the person that goes for a country drive and comes across an old derelict house and says WOW. there’s a great fixer-upper, lets buy it. Or the person that’s almost ruined the surprise party because I’m running late and I make my children and husband park two blocks away and then run frantically from bush to bush trying not to be noticed until we get there.

I’m the person that went on an all inclusive vacation to Fort Lauderdale Florida and then spent 2 days driving in the rain to Key West, there and back just because some stranger said, “You’ve never tasted pie until you’ve gone to Key West and had Key Lime pie”. By the way, Key West is at the bottom of Florida, and it wasn’t raining when we left.

I’m the person I think they wrote the Shopaholic series after. I Once bought a beautiful burgundy velvet Queen Ann style sofa and matching chair at an auction sale for $1200.00 just because I needed it, and I really hate being out bid. I ended up renting a stall in an Antique Market for a year just so I could get rid of it. P.S. couches like this sell for $300.00 in case you thought it was and investment.

I’m the person that has unwavering patience, but push my buttons for to long when I’m tried, hungry and stressed and something might get broken, and by that I mean a glass picture hanging on the wall. Although I’m happy to say my door slamming days are over. Heck I’m 50 now – that’s my new excuse, and my driving force to finish this life with some umph before my time runs out.

So, this is all about me, there’s so much more, but you’ll just have to keep visiting my blog to find out the rest, oh yah, I forgot, I have a playful nature, so I’ll always try and throw a joke or to in there. I’m not very good at it, so if I don’t make you laugh, just laugh anyway – it’s supposed to be therapeutic! 

I am the 50 year old Kid (please say this with a Darth Vader voice)


One comment

  1. What a fun about page. Your blog title caught my eye from the Zero to Hero tag, so though I’d check it out. The blog title could also describe me and if I lived in the US and went Florida I would drive to Key West too to eat the pie. In fact last time I thought about going to the States the Florida Keys and driving to the end were firmly part of the plan. May you follow your desires wherever they may lead.

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