Leaning In verses All In

Recently on the George Stroumboulopoulos Talk Show, he asked his guest Arlene Dickinson, the only female entrepreneur on the Dragon’s Den and author of “All-in”, what her thoughts were on the N.Y. Times best selling book “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg.

I didn’t know either book existed, but it didn’t surprise me that Arlene had written a book since the T.V. show Dragon’s Den is so popular. Well Arlene didn’t quit like the idea of only “leaning” In, and thought this represented standing on the side lines. So after doing a little research on the net, both books look very interesting. 

Arlene’s comments did start me thinking though, about one well know phrase, ” to thy own self be true”. I never really understood what this meant until I thought about being “All-In”. What would happen if you committed to what was true to you? Where you wanted to spend your energy, on your writing, on your home, your job, whatever rang true to you.

Once we can push our ego aside and resonate with what’s really true to us, imagine the possibilities of what could happen when we commit to the notion of being “all-in”.

So, do we want to stand at the edge and lean in? That might be where our comfort level is, or do we want to be “All-in” ? 


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