Blogososphere Bliss & Bust


My Zero to Hero Challenge today is to head out and search the Blogosphere. Strapped for time, but determined to blog everyday, I quickly did a search for 5 things.

1. Fairies, 2. Advancement 3. Antiquing (which now I realize is also referred to as “Thrifting” 4.Spiritually 5.Paris

My search revealed some were a bust after doing 2 second scrolls, and some where true bliss. I ended up finding 4 blogs to follow, and as much as I thought my life was all about spiritual advancement, turns out I just like Paris and Thrifting. I’m feeling a little bit shallow right now, and somewhat nostalgic. I’ll explain.

My picture today comes from the Palace of Versailles. This little doggy which I believe is called a King Charles Spaniel is from a huge painting on the wall in the Palace. The figures in the painting were actually staring back at me and I just couldn’t bear to take their picture,so I took one of the dog instead.

It took me a whole year to save for this trip and then when I got there I had no extra money for spending. You could say this picture is worth a lot, about $3500 worth, but for me it was worth every penny. This was bliss, and I will always have those memories to go back to no matter what. Maybe one day my blog will be called Sexy & Sixty in Paris!!


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