Just let me have my napkins

Today we decided to spend our rebate cheque from Costco. After having set our budget for 2014 this turned out to be a nice bonus, so we thought long and hard about what we wanted to buy. We were determined not to spend anything more than the rebate.

We hit our limit pretty fast. I did manage to splurge on a pack of Christmas Napkins for $1.97, a steal I convinced my husband.

We told the cashier that we were on a budget, gave her the certificate and told her “we can’t go over”. We even talked about prioritizing and what we would be willing to put back if we went over. She looked up and smiled thinking us very funny. How could anyone possibly come to Costco and only spend a hundred bucks she seemed to smirk. As she got closer and closer to the end panic set in on her face, and then bingo we did it. The Grand Total $104.50. Yeh!!

The cashier proceeded to hand us change and smiled. We smiled back, you would have thought we won the Lotto, we were so happy. This is great I thought. Maybe next year we could get a bigger cheque if we spend more. Yah, that’s the ticket, buy more, get more.

Then I did the math on our $105.95 rebate cheque. Turns out we spent over $5,200.00 dollars last year. WHAT I thought, how on earth could we have spent over $5,000. dollars in one year, and on what? Did we really use that much Toilet Paper, Ziplock Freezer Bags and Paper Towel?

So now I’m wondering, how much money would we save if we didn’t shop at Costco?  I’m really beginning to hate budgets.




  1. First of all, congratulations on sticking to your budget. I’m doing the same thing in January. You learn ALL sorts of interesting things about where your money is going. I’ve had the Costco epiphany myself. Love the napkins, though. 😉

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