“Myths of Mundanity”


As my blogging days unfold I’m finding that to many ideas are running through my head. Everything I see and hear I want to blog about. I’m thinking about getting a cork board set up to keep track of all these ideas and a place to post sticky notes and scraps of paper ripped out of Magazines & New Papers.

Fast Forward, now I’m having visions of  that last scene in the movie A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe where they find his Lair of stashed scribles only to find out he’s completely delusional.

When I first started blogging someone said to me “what do you have to blog about?” and like a scene from Ally McBeal staring Calista Flockhart  I mentally leaned over and sucker punched them. Then I calmly said “well if you were to blog, what would you blog about?” After an awkward moment of silence we both had a chuckle at the mundanity of daily life we both encounter.

It takes time to put your thoughts down on paper, edit, check, and then check everything again for a smooth flow all while keeping it simple but stark enough to grab attention, just like an Alex Colville painting where the mundane act of hanging Laundry becomes a beautiful thing.

So for now, maybe I’ll just keep my scraps of paper in a book and forgo the wall art.


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