Nutty for Nutella in Paris


The Crepe Maker

After trying to get some photos off the internet for my recent blog, I couldn’t tell what was Copy Righted and what wasn’t. Not wanting to be photo thief I decided to use some of my own photos today

To my absolute Joy and delight Paris is filled with Crepe Shops, and everyone seems to use Nutella


This Chocolatey hazelnut spread tastes great with Bananas


They make it so easy by Crepes, they are everywhere!

There was a tight rounded back stair case in this little shop that appeared at first to have no place to sit and eat. Above the doorway was a sign in French that my daughter recognized from the game of Clue (the French side) “I think we can eat up there she said”.We headed up the stairs with great trepidation to find some tables and chairs, and a little bathroom, a real bonus for me


The view from upstairs looking down

?????????????????????? Waiting for The Bathroom

Ready to head out and walk the streets for more adventure



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