What to do with old sweaters – make Faux Boot Socks

Boot Topper Project

When my daughter came home from School this weekend I commented on her nice thick socks she was wearing from Roots. A recent Christmas gift.

The latest trend at school these days is to wear over priced rubber boots with an insert and then roll the tops over, or wear thick socks that appear above the boot line.

I just happen to have 2 sweaters that  I cut off the arms and neck portion to make pillows one day (when I had nothing better to do) and maybe embroider a nice little owl or something with floss. The sweaters, blue and red already had a nice trim around the bottom.

Luckily for me I only had to turn my sweater scraps into Faux Boot socks when my daughter complained that she only had one pair of nice socks to wear in her boots and couldn’t keep wearing the same pair  every day.  So looking to avoid chores today, this is what I did instead.

Blue & red Toppers

The sweater pieces sewn

Sock topper revealed

Putting on the toppers


tah da!!

One Happy Kid



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