The Itsy Bitsy Spider – What would my book jacket look like

My Book Jacket


By Colleen Creates

The Blurb;

The Itsy Bitsy Spider carefully, methodically spins a delicate web going unnoticed. Around in circles it moves creating intricate detail, repeating patterns day after day until one day the web is visible to those willing to look in dark places.

The story tells the tale of a young mothers struggle to keep the peace and free her mind from patterns that keep the web strong, but she must be stronger if she is willing to break free and have peace. The web can be broken with the flick of a finger, but is she willing to let go.

(I took this picture some years ago when I got my new camera, I was wondering around the yard one day and noticed this very large spider web under the deck. When I started to edit the picture and uploaded it to Flickr, I thought to myself this would make a really cool book cover, so I gave it a title, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” This was probably at least 5 years ago long before I ever thought about writing and I never thought I would be blogging about it!)

Daily Prompt: Book Jacket: The Itsy Bitsy Spider


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