How many Tea Pots do you have

Trying to stay on budget this week I managed to find this little Oriental style tea pot at my local Goodwill store. It’s very heavy and looks like cast iron, with a wire basket that sits inside.

photo (11)


Luckily for me I just happen to be at the stockroom doors when the sales lady came out with this little treasure. I followed her over to the housewares department like a panther stocking it’s prey. My eyes glued to her. As soon as she put it down I quickly scooped it up. “Do you know how much this is I asked”. Ten Dollars she said. PERFECT I said, it’s so beautiful. “Do you need a teapot she said” Looking dumb founded I thought to myself, what does that have to do with anything (and yes I do have 3 teapots already I thought silently). Well I’ve always wanted one just like this I said.

Thank goodness I have a budget!


I needed a Temple Goddess


Temple Goddess

She sits watch over me, making sure I blog everyday, wondering, waiting for something fantastically to fall out of my brain down into my fingertips where they will play musical notes on my computer, something fanciful that will tickle your brain.

My Temple Goddess encourages me to proceed, that I have prepared for greatness, offering up support as best she can for my vision –  and this my friends…. is my excuse for buying this BARGAN at Urban Barn for $10.00.  (Well within my new Budget!)

May I never let her down