How did you discover Alabama Shakes?

I never should have mentioned it and I’m regretting it already. I’m never gonna get to one of their concerts now! Dang!

I discovered Alabama Shakes when my daughter came into the kitchen one day with her little electronic buddy the I-Pad Mini playing a really cool song. We both starting dancing to the jazzy bluesy  groove instantly, it might have been ‘Always Alright’ or ‘ Hold-on’ I’m not sure.

It’s take a lot to get me to stop midway cleaning or cooking to start dancing, but their songs just come over you, you don’t just listen to them, you feel them.

I’ve never been that much into music, I always thought it was a waste of money to buy an album when you only got one or two good songs, but If I was a younger kid today I would definatley buy the Alabama Shakes Album – they look like this


I asked my daughter how she even heard of them, I had never heard their music on the radio before. It turned out that a recent movie she saw played one of their songs.

You can’t listen to “Hold-On” without  wanting to get a bottle of whiskey (or white wine) grab a karaoke mic, bob your head and sing in some dingy old Southern bar with a peanut shelled covered wooden floor with a whole bunch of drunk people cheering you on – I hope my daughter doesn’t feel the same way.

My  50 year old kid friend also known as my best buddy recently mentioned that she just discovered them on the David Letterman show and loved them. So I thought maybe there’s other people out there behind the curve like us that would like to discover them as well – and “Always Alright” is an amazing song to blog to, especially with ear phones!