Nuts for Walnuts – the brain food

“What kitchen item or ingredient can I not live without ?”

My favorite pick today is Walnuts.

I once read that Walnuts are brain food, the symbol of intellectuality mostly because they closely resemble the brain.

Walnuts are loaded with minerals, vitamins, and Omega 3 

walnuts 1

I was sold at brain food.

I found that the most bang for my buck was to buy the California Walnuts at Costco. They come in a large bag and I store them in an airtight glass jar from Ikea. This makes it handy when I want to grab a quick handful to chop.


Hoping to increase my brain power, I started looking for places to incorporate my 2 lbs of walnuts.

At first I just put them in brownies, then I moved on to my morning yogurt, my cereal, hot oatmeal, banana bread, muffins, cookies, butter tarts, salads, stuffing and fillings for chicken and pork tenderloin and the best of all, toast them in the frying pan with some butter, add brown sugar and add them to homemade Ice Cream once cooled to make Maple Walnut Ice Cream.

Still having another lb left, I started rolling my cheese ball in Walnuts and dried cranberries.

cheese ball

I’m so used to using them now that when I run out I’m at a loss. They really give everything that extra boast that makes you look like you went to so much trouble (especially if you throw them in a salad)

My favorite salad

Spinach or mixed greens, strawberries, walnuts, goat cheese & poppy seed dressing

spinach salad

They say the best way to buy walnuts is from the shell and crack  them open yourself to ensure freshness, but that’s not always convenient.


There are over 30 varieties of  walnut trees but just 3 that are grown commercially, so next time you are travelling, try some local walnuts if they’re available as it may be your only chance to get some variety!



Reasons to go back to Paris

Why do I need to go back to Paris…… because there’s so much more to do:

discover more cool vehicles

collage cars

Go inside places like this and find out what they’re all about


 do more sightseeing

collage sightsee

buy more deserts, or seafood!


visit more Churches

collage church

get more decorating ideas

europe 380

sit in an outdoor cafe

europe 528

visit more Galleries

europe 521

get my portrait done

art collage


writing shop

and last but not least – to leave my mark!


Why Nantes

Why Nantes, the 6th largest city in France you say? How did I arrive at this place to Blog about today.

Watching one of my favourite T.V. shows about a Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, a customer came in with a first ‘American’ printed edition of the classic science fiction novel by French writer Jules Verne, published originally in 1870 called 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

I knew nothing about this novel except that it was famous, probably worth a penny or two if it turned out to be ‘the real deal’. (turns out it was worth $12,000 USD because of the condition it was in, which turned out to be fair)  “Most of the first editions were lost in The Great Boston Fire of 1872. Only about 50 copies are thought to currently exist”.

Pawn_Stars_004 (1)Pawn Stars on the History Channel

After hearing about how Jules Verne was able to write about things that didn’t exist back in the 1870’s such as Submarines, News Casts, Solar Sails, Lunar Modules, Video Conferencing, Sky Writing and Tasers, it really makes you wonder how is this possible?


So after a little research, turns out Jules was born in Nantes France. Maybe this has something to do with it. Maybe this is a magical place where people can see the future.

Nantes  is a city in France, located on the Loire River,  (WOW) named the most livable city in EuropeNantes was named a hub city for innovation. “It holds the title of European Green Capital for its efforts to reduce air pollution, it’s well-managed public transport system and for its biodiversity with 3,366 hectares of green spaces”.

The first tramway in Nantes opened in 1879 and closed in 1958 due to bombing damage during World War II, while the present tramway was re-introduced to the city in 1985.


Preserved Nantes Compressed air tramcar at the AMTUIR Museum

The first tramway in Nantes was notable for its use of compressed air propulsion pioneering this technology


 In the 1980s, Nantes became the first city in Europe to re-introduce the present tramway which is notable as the first modern ‘new generation’ tramway to be built.

So maybe people in Nantes can see the future. I think I must investigate in person, hopefully this will be my future!