Fanning the coals – to get the flame

Some days I have no idea what I’m going to blog about. On those days I get more and more nervous as the day rolls on.

Today was no different. I came home from work and had no idea what my last blog of the month would be. No spectacular finale for the Zero to Hero Challenge. What was I going to do.

My anxiety kind of took a back seat though as I walked into a cold house not looking forward to cleaning out the wood stove and making room for some more logs. The wood stove had been pretty much going non-stop for a couple of days and now the ashes were really piling up, so as I got digging away with two attention starved dogs pawing at my feet who had been cooped up all day I realized there were still some good coals going, so I dug around them.

After throwing the bucket of ashes outside in a 3 foot snow bank which I’m sure my garden was under, I came back in and proceeded to put a couple of logs in the wood stove. Once the dogs had been outside for a run, feed and patted sufficiently to constitute a caring owner I noticed that my logs had not caught yet.

Frustrated, tired and hungry still with my coat and boots on, I tromped over to the wood stove opened the door and took a closer look inside. I decided I needed to fan the coals, so I picked up our antique bellows (which I purchased at a garage sale and my husband managed to ruin by setting the ends on fire) did I mention that these were precious , anyway I digress, I started to fan the coals, happy the bellows still worked,  fanning and fanning, while little ashes floated up into my face. I cursed as I fanned, thinking THIS IS RIDICULUS and  then POOF!

Just like that, flames shot out from under the logs and I had my fire going, and POOF just like a lighting bolt, I realized what I had been doing and came to discover my BEST BLOG OF ALL!

My Zero to Hero Challenge has been about fanning the coals. All this time, day in and day out for 30 days every time I blogged, every time someone commented, every time someone followed, every time I enhanced my site, the coals were being fanned, and finally, hopefully the fire has started.

I needed to see that visual image of what hard work does, no matter how much I want to be a writer or an artist or a traveler or a crafter, if I don’t fan the coals they’ll be no fire.

So THANK YOU to everyone that helped me to light my fire, thank you for the follows and the comments and Zero to Hero for all the great advice, it has been an honor working with you.

Mucho Gracias,

The 50 yr old KID